Tom is a good looking guy and has no problem attracting the ladies. In fact, he’s so good looking that some women feel insecure being out with him.

He finds that often girls will try to make him bend over backwards for them or make underhanded comments, from which he feels he has to defend himself. Tom explains how girls shit test him.

Interviewer: “So Tom, what is it that girls say to you that used to get you so bent out of shape? Give us an example.”

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Tom: “Well, I’d be making out with this girl somewhere, and all of a sudden she would stop and say something like, ‘You’re too good at this, you seem like a player.’”

Interviewer: “How would you respond to that?”

Tom: “I would tell her how wrong she was, that I was a really nice guy, and that I don’t take advantage of women etc. Sometimes, they would smile and giggle or even laugh at my reply. I didn’t know that women bait you into these traps called shit tests.”

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Interviewer: “A shit test or compliance test, as we understand it, is a way for women to gauge your authenticity, to see if you’re as cool or as alpha as you claim to be. Sometimes it’s a conscious test that she makes, but other times, guys theorize, that girls don’t even know they’re doing it, and that it’s a psychological behavior that evolved in women’s hind brain to help them secure a worthy mate.”

Tom: “I can honestly say that in my case, these girls knew exactly what they were doing. My friends say the same thing. They want to watch you dig yourself into a hole of neediness so they can laugh you off for even thinking you had a chance with them.”

Interviewer: ‘What other types of shit tests have you experienced?”

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Tom: “Sometimes, they’ll try to see if you will compromise your coolness with them by asking you to do something demeaning like hold their purse, let them paint your nails, or run errands for them.”

Interviewer: “How do you deal with these requests?”

Tom: “In the past, I would comply, thinking I was earning brownie points and she would like me more afterwards, but she would only end up piling on more and more requests, making my life a chore.”

Interviewer: “So what changed?”

Tom: “I realized that my whole concept of being subservient didn’t attract women, and actually repelled them. I had to start standing up for myself and not being afraid to express disagreement. Then I learned how to take it one step further by mocking their attempts to test me, and that’s when their attraction levels really started to spike! It’s like they could see that I was no chump and had experience dealing with these types of tests, which meant I must be a winner.”

Interviewer: “What strategies do you use to handle shit tests these days?”

Tom: “One way I handle shit tests is to simply ignore them and act like she never said it. I use transitional words like “anyway, whatever, yeah right, etc.” and just change the topic.

Another way to deal with her tests is to agree with her statement, exaggerate or ridicule it. So for example, she says, “You look like a player.” You would agree and exaggerate her claim even further. “Actually, I’m a pimp, but it’s Saturday so I’m off duty, you can relax.”

Yet another way to handle them is to misunderstand her question or test altogether. So if she says something like, “You come to this bar to hook-up with girls all the time, don’t you?”, or “What kind of girl do you think I am?” You act as if she tried to compliment you, impress you, entertain you, hit on you or wanted approval. “My friend works at this bar, I’m not trying to hook up with him, trust me.”

Interviewer: “So how do you use the Got Pickup Lines app to shake off shit tests?”

Tom: “The app is phenomenal. It has a bunch of great witty responses to common shit tests that girls give. The cool thing is that people are always submitting new ones, and I have the best ones memorized so I can launch my comebacks on autopilot. Girls quickly realize that playing those mind games will get them nowhere with me, so most of the time, they just give up and then allow their seduction to continue. It has definitely opened doors…to bedrooms, haha!”

Tom no longer has trouble with any type of shit test since he has the best collection of responses in the most effective seduction database, Got Pickup Lines.