For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term AMOG, as a noun, it stands for alpha male of the group. As a verb it is the act of handling this male.

These guys are a common occurrence at bars and clubs across the world. They display an overly confident body language and a brash way of dominating others in conversations that makes them easily identifiable. Often physical, these males like to take up space and challenge other males in a variety of ways. They are commonly referred to as assholes or douche bags.

Bob had a hard time dealing with these bar room bullies until he finally decided to change his approach, as he explains below:

Interviewer: “So Bob, describe a typical interaction you’d have with an AMOG in the California nightlife scene.”

Bob: “It usually went something like this: I’d be at a bar talking to a girl over a drink, when all of a sudden, a loud obnoxious guy would show up out of nowhere and barge in without even introducing himself. Sometimes he would ignore me altogether and try to move between me and the girl and other times, he would make some underhanded remark like, ‘This must be your chaperone or your Uber driver’ etc.”

Interviewer: “I see, and how would you usually react?”

AMOG Confrontation
Bob: “I saw him as a threat, would immediately become heated, and say something that would escalate the situation. I would try to remain calm, but the AMOG would keep testing me by making insulting comments. Sometimes the girls would laugh, and it would even get physical, mostly pushing and shoving and in your face threats.”

Interviewer: “How would the AMOG react?’

Bob: “He would usually get a rise out of it and the more nervous I’d get, the more he would push me. A few times I got into a fight and ended up getting 86’ed from the venue. Sometimes he would steal the girl from right under my nose.”

Interviewer: “So, what’s changed since then?”

Bob: “I realized that these guys are the same guys who were bullies back in school. They thrive in an environment they control, but deep down are very insecure, especially about the way they are perceived by others around them (especially girls). After reading several articles, I understood their weakness and how to exploit it during these confrontations.”

Interviewer: “How do you go about it?”

Bob: “There are basically two strategies I use now. One is to give him the floor and then show him to be the try-hard that he really is in front of the girls. You make a comment that sets the stage for an awkward interaction to follow; something like, “Ok Casanova, you seem like a real ladies man, go ahead and spit your game on these girls, while I sit back and take notes. No pressure buddy, ready, go!”

Interviewer: “How does the AMOG respond?”

Bob: “The guy usually denies that it was his intent and gets deflated very quickly.” At that point, I lead the girls away from him by the hand. He would usually give up at that point or risk looking too thirsty by chasing.”

Interviewer: “That’s great, and what’s your second strategy?”

nightclub cock blockBob: “My other strategy is to befriend him and explain to him that he’s being inappropriate by interrupting us, even though I’m sure he’s a great guy. Then, I quickly turn my back to him and make it very awkward for him to enter our space. If he actually tries again, I’ll pull out the big guns and tell him he’s ‘being weird and tell the girls that he’s being creepy.’ The social shame is usually too much for AMOGs to handle.

Interviewer: “How has the Got Pickup Lines app helped you handle AMOGs?”

Bob: “The app is great because it has battle tested responses that work well on these clowns. I no longer see them as a threat, but more like a nuisance.I have an arsenal of canned lines that I use to swat them away like pesky flies. Now I actually have more empathy for these guys and see them as just using what’s worked for them all their lives. But with the responses in the app, Mr. Steal Your Girl isn’t getting over on me anymore.”

Bob no longer struggles with these guys who used to salt his game..

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