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Have you ever seen a beautiful girl you’d love to meet and thought to yourself,

 “What should I say to her?”
“What was that line I read?”

Sadly, what usually happens next is you end up staring at her without even saying anything.

And yeah bro, she sees that as creepy.

She walks away, and you’re left kicking yourself with regret over what could’ve, would’ve happened, had you been prepared.

I’ve seen it all too often…

Or maybe you’re on a dating app, with your pics and bio dialed, and you actually get matches, but you have no idea what to say, end up making small talk, and the girls always ghost you within the first few messages.

I’ve been there too and it’s made me want to say, “f-this!”, and delete all of my dating apps!

Not anymore. Below is the answer to your game, or lack of it. For all of its helpful features, keep scrolling…

The tool you've always wanted↓

All Types of Lines

More than just pickup lines, this amazing app is loaded with field tested (in-person and messaging) openers, negs, responses, closers and more. It currently contains over 1450 lines and counting, with more added each week. There is no larger effective database app. Never run out of things to say!

More Subcategories

than any other app, allows you to drill down to the specific line you need. Whether it be a dating app opener, a situational disqualifier, a compliance test response or a messaging closer, there are over a dozen subcategories to choose from. Drill down to the exact line you need in seconds.

Effectiveness Rating

You can vote on whether the line "worked" or "failed" for you. The algorithm automatically recalculates the effectiveness rating of every line in real time.


Search for lines within a category or globally using a keyword or phrase. Find the right line for your situation.

Manage Your Pickup Arsenal
In a Community Database

See Recent Posts

Real-Time Updates: The world of dating is constantly evolving, and so is our content. We regularly update the app with fresh, trending lines that make heads turn. Stay ahead of the game and always be armed with the latest and greatest conversation starters.

Submit New Lines

Add your best lines to the ever growing database of user generated content that will be evaluated by users like you.

Read & Write Comments

Every line allows you to read or leave comments, giving everyone valuable advice on delivery techniques, target choices, comebacks, etc.

Bookmark your Favorites

Keep all your favorite lines bookmarked for fast access.

Bright text and graphic elements on a dark background make it easy to read in club/bar environments. 

Want to get better with the ladies?

I know you’ve probably heard that “It’s 2023 bro, game is dead.”

Nobody is running around peacocking and negging girls anymore. But is this true?

Well, Andreas Baranowksi, a PhD student at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, set out to see if game principles still work today.

He recruited men and women for a five-to-six hour training session devoted to flirting skills.

Much like PUA coaches, the trainers taught their students how to apply evolutionary psychology principles — such as the idea that women are biologically predisposed to be attracted to men with high social status.

Also, they taught them to use behaviors like teasing, challenging and flashing attraction signals (indicators of interest).

THE RESULTS: Both men and women AT LEAST DOUBLED (men more than tripled) their success rate after the training. Men went from 1.07 phone numbers per hour on average to 3.67, while women upped their drink-invite average from 1.65 to 3.1. 

Then, he repeated the experiment several times with almost the same results!


Watch the mating ritual of mammals in nature. Does the female immediately allow the male to mount her?

Of course not. She must convince herself his genes and talents will ensure her survival and that of her offspring.

Game allows you to shorten the dance and sidestep her tests.

Listen, the game has existed since the dance of human courtship began, and will continue as long as we men are expected to initiate it. Although it has evolved with today’s “woke” culture, it’s definitely not dead.

In fact, you could say that “proper game” is more necessary than ever.

Sure, us guys have had to change the way we communicate with women, both in and out of the workplace, especially when it comes to telegraphing sexual interest.

We’ve learned to make verbal advances in code, using covert language known as SEXUAL INNUENDO (with double meaning) to be able to interact without triggering those more easily offended.

COVERT COMMUNICATION is the key to navigating today’s sexual marketplace. Women appreciate guys who are DISCREET and know how to TEASE, FLIRT and CARRY ON BANTER without making them feel SLUT JUDGEMENT. Those guys “get it”, while the rest who don’t get shut down quick!

We need conversational pieces designed to work in today’s dating culture.

I went around collecting the very best phrases that guys are using today to attract and seduce women, and I organized them all in this amazing app.

Get this, it’s a database, of NOT JUST PICKUP LINES, but of…


OPENERS: These are icebreakers or conversation starters used to initiate an interaction.

Guys who are experienced in game will tailor the opener to the type of woman and to the environment or situation.

Your opener is what forms her first impression of you and can make or break your interaction.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many newbs approach with a weak or inappropriate opener, only to get blown out.

Most of the cheesy pickup lines found all over the internet are recipes for this kind of failure. After a few attempts, guys who use them develop approach anxiety and fears around talking to strangers.

I get it man, I was there once too.

See, openers aren’t just about being witty or cocky, they’re about originality and the ability to stimulate a woman’s imagination through her emotions.

But guess what? Many openers you might not think are that great, have been proven to work when tested over and over infield.

You see, emotional stimulation doesn’t always mean making her feel butterflies and rainbows. Sometimes it means making her feel JEALOUSY, UNCERTAINTY, or FOMO.

That’s why the openers in this app have ratings and notes on originality, delivery tweaks and target choices to make sure you have a high early success rate.

Here’s one of my favorites:

“Hi, I’m Mr. Wrong. I heard we’ve met somewhere before.”

This opener is so much more original than the “Hi, my name is Mr. Right” line that has been so played out, it’s sad.

Every woman by the time she’s in her 20s has been involved with a guy who turned out to be a jerk or a loser, which makes this line so relatable and humorous at the same time.

This app has more openers than you can imagine, including funny, bold, innuendo, situational, indirect, cold read, role play, holiday and dating app, among others.

See a girl in a restaurant, tying her shoe, reading a book, waiting for a bus or sipping a drink at the bar?

It has openers for every situation, as BOLD and COCKY, or as SUBTLE and INDIRECT as you need.

Simply open the app and tap on the type of opener you need. Then scroll the titles until you find one she’d like.

With a great opener, it’s easy to capture her attention and then transition to a flirtatious conversation that eventually leads to seduction.

false disqualifiers surprisedFALSE DISQUALIFIERS are backhanded compliments used to show disinterest and undermine the egos of the hottest 8’s and 9’s.

See, hot girls know they’re hot, as guys have been trying to get at them since, well, forever. They’re reminded daily by men’s thirsty looks, cliché compliments and countless offers for dates, rides, meals, drinks etc.

When you tease her in such a way that she questions her value to you, it changes the frame of the game. All of a sudden, she sees you as different from the other guys who only try to please and pedestalize her.

Then something magical happens… You become the prize and SHE starts chasing!

PUAs call these lines negs, and they’re designed to get her off her high horse and onto a level playing field with you so you can talk to her like any person you’d meet.

The app includes all types of disqualifiers, from fashion to behavior to status to non-verbal, to situational, and everything in between (11 subcategories and hundreds of negs).

Here’s another indisputable fact about gender dynamics.

Women fish for compliments all the time, but most guys are unaware of it and are too quick to validate them.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it’s this:


The way you do this is by taking the opportunity to tease and qualify them

What if the next time a woman showed you a selfie, instead of affirming her beauty, you said something like, 

“Wow, you’re almost as sexy as me!”

It challenges her beliefs about herself and where you stand in relation to her.

She might accuse you of being cocky or try to knock you down a peg with a sarcastic “Yeah, right!”, or she might laugh at the insight into her own vanity, but the point is…


You get the idea, and I have so many of these DHVs (displays of higher value) in the app, you’ll have one for every type of interaction.

What Mystery knew about the power of false disqualifiers 15 years ago, has now been confirmed by science.

A recent study published in the Psychological Science Journal, conducted at the University of Virginia, found that:


This is why false disqualifiers (negs) work so well. When you break rapport, or disrupt the attraction patterns a woman is reading from you,

It instantly causes her to find you more attractive than before! 🔥

I have hundreds of these lines in the app ready to deploy for any situation.

“Memorize an opener, a neg, a false time constraint and a canned routine before free-styling your set.” – Mystery


closersDo you have trouble convincing girls to give you their number or to go home with you?

CLOSERS are simple phrases that help you close a successful interaction and get her contact info, kiss her, or make the smooth transition back to your place or hers.

By the way, here’s the thing about pulling girls. The two most important things a woman needs before she feels ok about going home with you are…


This is simply AN EXCUSE, other than sex, as to why she went home with you. That way she can tell herself or any of her friends that, “it just happened” and “I was being good.”

It’s your job as the guy to give her this excuse, because she’s not going to be a conspirator in her own seduction. In other words, she’s not going to do it herself.

Here’s an easy one. After a drink or two lean over and whisper in her ear:

“Let me ask you a serious question. What’s the Wi-Fi situation like at your place? I mean, do you think we’ll have a connection?” 😏

That’s it! She’ll let you know right away if she’s down or not, just by the expression on her face!

If she tries to shame you, you can always playfully accuse her of having a dirty mind, so it works to your advantage as well. It’s a beautiful thing!

And if she flirts back, that’s the green light and you can double down with this:

“I was hoping I could connect to your hotspot.” 

You’re communicating in the covert language that women prefer, and believe me, it drives them crazy!

We have closers for kiss, funny, ride-share, number, messaging, social media and more, field tested and voted to work like magic.

Many have innuendo and plausible deniability built-in so it’s easy for her to say “yes” to going home with you.

Your text game will also skyrocket with some of the best messaging closers, designed to get her off of the phone and into your arms.

responses 2 couplesRESPONSES: Women say a lot of things when socializing with guys, some are genuine emotive reactions, and others are tricks or tests used to gauge your reaction.

Have you ever had a woman put you in a corner with a question that seemed to come out of nowhere, and sent you reeling for how to respond?

Maybe something like,

“You probably say that to all the girls, are you just here looking to hook up?”

A lot of guys make the mistake of responding to such tests in a way they think most pleases her. But this sends her the wrong message that you may be a SIMP or a PUSHOVER. These are not the masculine qualities that women find attractive.

She basically wants to know what you’re made of.

If she senses WEAKNESS, INSECURITY or INEXPERIENCE, she’ll usually toy with your emotions before sending you home with your tail between your legs.

With the right response, though, she can sense that this isn’t your first rodeo.

She knows you “get women”, so chances are she’ll give you the green light to flirt harder!

With the Got Pickup Lines app, you’re covered for compliance tests, favor requests and comebacks for every type of excuse she might come up with (so common).

There are even responses to handle AMOGS and cockblocks so you don’t get shut down during your interactions. You won’t get caught off guard by a snide remark or a request designed to test you or salt your game.

So far, I’ve only covered the main categories. Each of the four categories (Openers, Responses, False Disqualifiers, Closers) has many subcategories including:  Beliefs, Traits, Fashion, Nuclear, Non Verbal, Pos, Status, Situational, Behavioral, Other, Bold, Funny, Nerdy, Innuendo, General, Direct, Indirect, Opinion, Observational, Compliment, Objection, Request, Compliance Test, Comfort Test, Holiday / Event, Dating App, Kiss & Re-engagement Text.

These sub-categories make finding the right line as easy as a few taps on your phone. 

The next time a random woman asks you to buy her a drink, you’ll know exactly what to say to keep her interested and make sure you DON’T GET USED AND DISMISSED like the rest of her orbiters.

If she has a common excuse not to go home with you, you’ll be able to follow up with a response that will tell you if she’s for real or not.

Does she really have a boyfriend, an important Zoom call in the morning, a judgmental roommate, etc. or is she just testing your game? You’ll know instantly.

Early on, mostly through sharing  experiences in forums, pickup artists figured out that PRE-SELECTION was very important to women, since it provides them a way to bypass much of their rigorous vetting process.

In other words,

“If other women find you attractive, you must be a catch. There’s no need to retest you.”

Well, guess what? The results of a study at OSU recently published in the journal New Scientist confirm this. In it, college women were shown a photograph of a man, with a little background info. The study found that:

90% of women were attracted to the man, even after they were told that he was in a relationship. But when told he was single, only about 59% were interested.

So more than 20 years later, the studies again prove that game principles still hold true.

Pre-selection is tricky, though, because if you’re too overt, it can come off as validation seeking, fake or try-hard. That’s why I’ve included tons of responses in the app that imply pre-selection in a subtle way.

For example, if a woman asks, “Do you have a girlfriend?”, most guys would either answer yes or no. But what if, instead, you answered something like this…

“Not really, but I do know a few women who would be mad at me for saying that.”

Bam! With this response, not only do you imply that other women desire you, but you keep her guessing as to your relationship status, which studies say also makes you way more attractive to her!

These types of responses help you maintain your frame so she sees you as the prize, instead of the other way around.

The game is won or lost in seconds and it’s up to you to high value yourself by having a better response than the next guy.

I scoured the intenet, talked to PUAs infield, got feedback from women and consulted with top coaches to make sure I didn’t leave anything out. And I put everything at your fingertips.

It’s like having all the answers before the test!


With a few finger taps you get…

Easy access to the BEST LINES ANYWHERE (currently over 1450 lines with more being added by the community every month) ordered alphabetically or date submitted.

But it gets EVEN BETTER

You can VOTE ON THE LINES to let other users in the community know if IT WORKED or if IT FAILED.

Your vote gets added, and an effectiveness rating for that line is instantly recalculated.

If the line has a high effectiveness rating, you’ll know it’s been proven to work, so all you have to do is work on your delivery.


You can even READ OR MAKE COMMENTS about any line in the app, so others can benefit too. For example, these might include the best way to deliver the line, pitfalls to avoid, or who would make the most appropriate target.

In addition, ANY USER CAN SUBMIT NEW LINES, which get added to the app, so you’ll never get tired of seeing the same old ones.


There has never been anything this complete or this practical for the guy looking to score. Dating coaches are even using it as a tool for to jump-start their students into conversations.

Do you have trouble memorizing great lines? Forget about that! 🤔

With the Got Pickup Lines app, you can pull up your bookmarked favorites in any category, instantly, when you need them most.

You’ll always know what to say to start a conversation, make her laugh, flirt and become more interested in you.


Let’s say you see a hottie walking her dog down the street… 🐩 

You need to act fast, so you open the app, tap Openers and then search the keyword “dog”. 🐾

Boom! You instantly get a list of dog openers. You quickly choose one learn it, walk over, and spit your game. 🦴

You: “What a cutie!…”

Her: “Thanks.”

You: “…Your dog, on the other hand, is kinda weird looking.”

She laughs, and you’re in, it’s that easy! By the way, that opener currently has a 97% effective rating.

From there you can easily branch off into any number of topics such as: the fact that her dog seems to really like you and the fact that he has great taste, a role play where you have joint custody of the dog after a messy divorce, the fact that the dog seems to need a male role model in his life, etc. 🐶

You get the idea, you can go nuts with conversational topics and flirtation after a successful opener.

So what about meeting people online?

Are you struggling with making connections on dating apps? 👨🏻‍💻

During these times of isolation and lack of venues in which to socialize, more and more people are moving to dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge to make connections.

We all know that many women are there just to chat it up and get attention/validation from dudes. But our openers and responses help you quickly screen out the time wasters from those who really want to meet up.

The problem with most guys is they spend all of their time and effort in getting their profile dialed with optimal pics and a kick ass bio.

But after a match, the chat goes south, when the guy either goes into interview mode, with boring logistical questions, or starts pedestalizing the girl by excessively complimenting her on her beauty, fashion etc.

He sends her cringy messages like, “Hey, you’re hot. So, what are you doing?”

She’s tired of the needy clichés she’s heard a million times. She wants to read something refreshingly different that will tickle her emotions and open her imagination.

With this app, you’ll send her one of many messages, so intriguing, so compelling, that she must satisfy her curiosity and REPLY to you IMMEDIATELY!

Take this dating app opener:

“Hey [name], you seem cool, but the [any preference in her bio or pics] …really?”

This line has been proven to have a very high response rate (currently over 75% effective), but most guys are too scared to risk rocking the boat, so they would never challenge her in this way.

The reason this line works is because it makes her see that you noticed details about her, which makes her feel special, and it puts you in the buyer frame from the jump. You’re vetting her, and this rattles her cage. She wants to know why you’re different, than other guys.

Like I said earlier, when women qualify themselves, they invest emotionally in the interaction. Then they backward rationalize, telling themselves that it must be because they like you.

So the more you can get her to invest, the more likely she’ll get hooked on you and wanting more.

Now, let’s talk about the common and annoying thing girls are doing in online messaging known as thirst traps.

A thirst trap is a test that women give you to figure out in which category you belong.

She will decide if you are in the needy, clingy, desperate camp with most guys, or in the cool, collected, abundant camp with the men of higher value.

It’s up to you to show her that you’re unfazed by her tests, while at the same time passing them with flying colors.

You probably already know not to double text her when she leaves you unread. But after some time has passed, you may want to give her another shot.

That’s when you use the subcategory of lines known as the re-engagement texts. These are lines that are designed to be value-giving (don’t require any investment or commitment), yet are so emotionally stimulating or curiosity provoking, that they compel her to respond.

Here’s an example of a re-engagement text:

“Just checked my horoscope and it said I’m supposed to summon you. Not sure what that’s supposed to mean.”

It almost always gets them to respond. They can’t help themselves!

Test it for yourself right now, I’ll bet she responds.

And with that, you have successfully jump started the interaction. There are tons of re-engagement messages to choose from with different levels of intrigue and emotional stimulation.

But remember, when it comes to online dating, it really is a numbers game.

Even guys who crush it online have to communicate with many girls at a time to find those who are putting out the right vibe.

Don’t you hate crafting tons of messages that may or may not work, just to keep the girl interested long enough for you to ask her out? 💬

This can take hours from your day, but with the Got Pickup Lines app, you can streamline the process and cut HOURS down to MINUTES.

Want to COPY/PASTE proven openers, responses and closers from this app directly into dating apps like TINDERBUMBLE  & HINGEor into your phone or messaging platforms? You sure can!

By the way, for those of you using social media to slide into their DMs, we have optimized Instagram openers to get the ball rolling fast!

You can also use the default lines as a starting template and customize them using your own words, so it sounds like something that you would say.

It makes opening or responding to several matches at a time a snap! NO MORE WASTING TIME crafting individual messages that may get you ghosted. RAPID FIRE YOUR OPTIMIZED RESPONSES to get her hooked on what you’ll say next..


With the Got Pickup Lines app you can LEARN, SHARE, VOTE and have ANYTIME ACCESS to the best proven lines the pickup community has to offer.

IMAGINE THIS: While those so-called players are trying their best to sound interesting with the same old-time cheesy lines they’ve used since grade school, you’ll DOMINATE THE SEXUAL MARKETPLACE. 

You’ll leave them scratching their heads as to how YOU GOT THE GIRL!

Only you will know.

Let’s face it, you’re not getting the results you want with girls, or you wouldn’t have found this app.

You can continue doing things the old school way, with the same mediocre results you’ve been getting, or you can step up your game with…


What are you waiting for? Join the community of guys who are helping to tweak these techniques and adding new ones every month to expand our seduction stockpile (Now with OVER 1450 LINES and growing).

Whether you’re a newbie, a one night stand ladies’ man, or just looking for a girlfriend or a wife…

Whether you run day game, night club/bar game, online game, text game or social media game, this kick-ass app can get you results with girls FASTER and EASIER than ever.

I can’t predict if your romance will last, but I can promise to get your foot in the door with the girls you want in your life.

With this cutting-edge app and a vast collection of carefully curated captivating lines, we’ve revolutionized the art of wooing. Whether you’re a seasoned Casanova or a shy introvert, this app will transform you into a smooth-talking maestro, effortlessly captivating hearts wherever you go.

You may have noticed that guys want to be around other successful guys as well.

When I got good at game, all sorts of doors opened for me. I got invited to the best parties and undergrounds with the hottest girls and met some of coolest guys with whom I still have business relationships today.

I also can’t predict how your social life will change with your new attitude of abundance. But you have found the keys to that success journey right here.

Got Pickup Lines is the game changer! Do yourself a favor and GRAB IT NOW for your iOS or Android device, and let the magic begin! (choose below)

Your Boy (with solid pickup advice),

Gary P.

U.C. Psych Degree + 13 years in the game.

2 lovers

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...with app purchase. I want you to experience as much success as possible so I've written this 50 page killer manual to help you with all of the tips and tricks to delivering false disqualifiers like those found in the app.

New Feature
PUA Glossary

We've added this new glossary with all of the latest pickup artist terminology to help you decipher the lingo used by others in the community (easily accessible from the app's hamburger menu).

P.S.S.  Got Pickup Lines is the only database app that was created for a player by a player, and honestly, nothing else compares.

My app is finally making the game so much easier!

If you follow me on social media @GotPickup you already know I run one of the biggest twitter accounts in the game. If you’ve used my phone consultation service, you already know I’m passionate about pickup. I care deeply for my clients and always deliver only top quality content, most of it for free on my blog.

I don’t endorse many products, but the few I do are worth every cent.

You can buy cheaper stuff, but you get what you pay for, and believe me, I’ve tried them all (see comparison chart below).

If this phenomenal app can bring you success with women in a very short time, ask yourself,  isn’t it worth the cost of a couple of e-books or a few drinks?


I know what you’re thinking: “But Gary, why is your app worth it? I mean, can’t I just look up this information for myself on the internet?” 

Sure, you might be able to find some of the lines I’ve included, (although not the most creative ones in this exhaustive database, and definitely not the ones elite coaches are using, nor the ones I’ve crafted myself). 

Heck, I even give away a bunch of samples on my @gotpickupline twitter page.

BUT THAT’S MISSING THE POINT. In the past, you would’ve had to rely on random infield reports or tested the lines yourself to know which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

NOT ANYMORE! I’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you and created a user generated database of over 1450 lines of seduction content that gets field tested by users like you. Your arsenal keeps growing and you have stats on how effective the lines are in real-time!

THE TIME SAVINGS in accessing and firing off this attraction ammunition is where this unique tool really shines! The way the information is laid out, you can get to the perfect line at the perfect time, in seconds.

However, the one thing most dating coaches agree on is that…


See, if you don’t have the right facial expression, cadence, confidence or the correct tone in your voice, she could misjudge your intent or the message itself.



That’s why with the lines, I include notes on delivery, target choices, logistics, etc. Plus, users can comment on any line in the database to add any other important feedback. You won’t find these features in other apps.

Sure, I could have built 4 different apps with different types of content and charged less for each of them, run a bunch of annoying video ads and then charged for in-app purchases. But I prefer to give you the ultimate seamless user experience.

I’ve put all of my resources into building the ultimate product, designed to give you fast results at your fingertips. With tons of features and a boat-load of ever-growing premium content, it’s a no-brainer.

The reasonable fee I charge ensures the app continues to deliver you a great experience and helps with the development of new features.


Compared to other wonky freemium childish joke apps yes, initially it costs more. But theirs do nothing to help you score in today’s sexual marketplace.

Here’s what costs more.

💰 Your time thinking about what to message a girl and getting frustrated because nothing is hitting.

💰 The cost of buying girls drinks, paying for cover, Uber rides, etc. (Hell, you’ve probably spent more on a single dinner date).

💰 Paying thousands for weekend bootcamps with coaches who just push you to make approaches in easy tourist city party environments.


I’ve spent over 60k to develop it for you. Think about that!

And unlike an ebook, this resource is used in-field and online and keeps delivering valuable flirtation fodder to you month after month, with unlimited updates.

Unleash your inner confidence and watch as doors open to a world of romantic possibilities.

After your first conquest, I’m sure you’ll agree. For everything this app can do to turbo-charge your game, even at triple the price, it would be a bargain.

Like a Swiss army knife, all you have to do is scroll through and select your favorite tool for the job. It’s that easy! 

Now you can have access to the same cutting edge, field tested phrases used by the top pickup coaches who charge $2,000 – $6,000 for bootcamps, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Grab it now before I get smart, and start charging more like what it’s really worth. You’ll be glad you did!

Don’t let missed opportunities and lackluster conversations hold you back from finding your perfect match. Upgrade your dating game with the Got Pickup Lines app and unlock a world of romantic possibilities.

It’s 2023, this is the year you can decide to make gains in attracting women into your life, a life of true abundance.

With technology, the game has changed, and you must adapt. If it isn’t you, it’ll be the next guy who gets with that beautiful girl.





"My wings and I play a game where we take turns choosing an opener for the next guy to use. If he fails to deliver the line, he has to buy us a drink. One of us almost always pulls. Your app is on point!"
male testimonial
Bob C.
Nightgame Veteran, CA, USA
"Gary, your app is fire! Dude this was the missing piece of my game. I used to freeze not knowing what to say to girls, not anymore! I have my favorite openers ready to deploy. Every player should get this on his phone."
male testimonial
Lance G.
Clubbing Enthusiast, FL, USA
"It's the best money I've ever spent on an app..."
male testimonial
Stan K.
Plate Spinner, NY, USA

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Comparison Chart

Got Pickup Lines

We worked for over a year to bring you a buttery smooth interface using efficient code, nice contrasting fonts, and fast scrolls, not a janky web app. The data is synced on open, but can be used offline with zero lag. Using it is truly a pleasurable experience on any device.

With a sleek interface and intuitive navigation, you’ll effortlessly find the perfect line for any occasion. Whether you’re at a bar, a party, or even a virtual gathering, our app will be your trusty sidekick.

Got Pickup Lines includes 4 main types of lines (more planned): Openers, False Disqualifiers, Responses and Closers. Much more than just pickup lines, I include a full arsenal types of conversation items to be used at every stage of seduction. Every category has several subcategories to help you find exactly what you need.

Each line is indexed to help you find the exact line you need in every situation. Some subcategories include, bold, compliment, direct, funny, innuendo, situational, opinion, holiday, observational, Tinder/texting and more.

It’s called “effective” for a reason. All lines are field tested and those that are voted overwhelmingly “failed” are dropped. The lines are all indexed so you can find the right line fast!

Tailored Recommendations: We understand that not all pickup lines work universally. That’s why our app contains lines for different types of personalities, and the situational context to provide the most appropriate conversation piece.
You’ll have a lineup of lines perfectly suited to your style, making you irresistible to your desired audience.

You, the user, can submit fresh lines, vote and comment about what works and what doesn’t. New lines are added weekly.

In addition to the author’s notes on delivery, target, logistics, etc. users can leave individual comments on any line in the app. 

Who wants to wait or close annoying video or image ads just to get to your content. If you pay a premium, you deserve a fast access to your content. I do provide short text links at the bottom to relevant digital products. No delay or obstruction in the user experience.

Extensive Variety: Our app boasts an extensive library of pickup lines for every situation, ensuring you’ll never run out of clever icebreakers. From witty one-liners to charming compliments, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to awkward silences and hello to endless possibilities.

Originally compiled from the best PUA sources, our number of lines grows, with ineffective lines (voted failed) removed and new ones being added weekly.

I don’t believe in nickel and diming the customer to unlock features one by one. Our app purchase includes all of the features unlocked with no hidden costs for premium.

Junk Apps

They use web app templates that basically put a series of web pages on your phone. The interface is usually slow with bad graphic design elements and poor tap and scroll response. Non-intuitive and laggy, I usually delete garbage apps like theirs quick.

Other pickup line apps in the app stores contain only pickup lines. Mostly corny, untested lines that are too infantile to use infield. Lines are all jumbled together which makes searching them next to impossible.

A few old dozen corny pickup lines without any type of indexing or rating. Hunting and pecking with trial and error is not a good user experience.

Recycled pickup lines from kid’s joke books that girls have heard a million times. Outdated, infantile humor. Lines are all thrown together with little organization. Who cares if it’s free, if it’s unusable crappy content.

Content is static and never changes unless the author decides to update the app.

No way to calibrate delivery or other aspects of the line.

App developers these days skimp on quality and load their apps with annoying image and video advertising to generate revenue, making the user experience, most unpleasant.

Even the apps that list many, most are crappy dated pickup lines compiled from old books and joke sites. Not from true PUA sources.

Their apps may be cheap or even free, but they will charge to unlock “premium features”, subscriptions, to remove annoying ads, or for other in-app purchases.

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If for some reason, you don’t receive my e-mail, hit me up on my Twitter DMs @GotPickupLine so I can make sure you get a copy of my book. Gary

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Just let me know where to send your free bonus e-book after app purchase.

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Neg Book

If for some reason, you don’t receive my e-mail, hit me up on my Twitter DMs @GotPickupLine so I can make sure you get a copy of my book. Gary